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In 2013, Philippe Pepin founded Store Tech with a clear vision and an unwavering commitment to his customers. A few years later, her sisters Rébecca and Katherine joined the ranks, bringing with them their own expertise and passion for entrepreneurship and interpersonal relations. Together, they strengthened the company’s foundations, expanded its range of services and consolidated its outstanding reputation.

From an early age, we witnessed our father’s unwavering dedication to his customers. Every interaction with them was marked by sincerity and a deep desire to satisfy them beyond their expectations.

His attention to detail was and continues to be a daily lesson. Every order and every project was meticulously examined. It’s this rigor that has forged our understanding of the importance of detail in creating an unforgettable customer experience.

What’s more, the relationship of trust he maintained with his suppliers was a constant source of inspiration. He understood that strong relationships were essential to ensure consistent quality of materials and products. His mutual respect with suppliers and his ability to cultivate these partnerships were key to his success.

Today, thanks to our complementary strengths, our company continues to grow and prosper. This family collaboration continues to inspire our growth and dedication, while honoring our values.

Tailor-made service for all our customers.

It’s important to us to offer a tailor-made service to all our customers. Customer satisfaction is paramount and at the heart of all our decisions. Any questions?

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